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Horsham Buses

welcome to horsham buses

Horsham Buses is a fictional 1/76th scale model bus & coach company with a modern & old fleet.

We operate services within East Surrey & West Sussex from our depots in Merstham (MT) and

Horsham (HM).


about us

In September 2012, GB Bus & Coach was formed, an independent bus company based in Dorking, Surrey.

GB Bus & Coach were responsible for operating numerous bus routes in the local area and operating local

home to school contracts up until February 2014. 

March 2014 GB Bus & Coach had been separated creating two different entities but still partners.

Therefore the bus side was renamed GB Buses. This lasted until December 2014, when GB Coaches hit

a financial crisis causing them to be sold off due to seasonal only work and Council home to school service

cuts. By April a buyer had come forward and made an offer but unfortunately with this deal came the

sacrifice of GB Buses. A large-operator from Holland, had shown interest in the company. After some agreement the companies were sold operating as Surrey County Coaches T/A Abellio Surreybus.

The coach operations still operating as GB Coaches.


By December 2016 the company was rebranded just Surreybus, this also came with route withdrawals due to Surrey Funding cuts.

Routes 400 (Walton upon Thames - Staines), 513 (Downside - Kingston), 564 (Excel Leisure Complex - Whiteley Village)

 & K50 (Kingston - Chessington Park & Ride) withdrawn. Routes 400 and 564 passed to Guildford& WestSurrey and route 513 to London & Country.


Again, come December 2017 Surreybus was sold to London & Country with the transfer complete by January 2018.

This saw Guildford&West Surrey and Surreybus operating a joint 715 bus service between Kingston and Cobham.

It was discovered that the Holland operator who had previously bought the company (Surreybus) had saved the garage from closing thinking they could expand the operation in the West Sussex County but due to Competition in the area this unfortunately failed.

GB Coaches operation then became Surreybus Ltd T/A GB Coaches.


With the buyout of Surreybus routes 293 (Epsom General Hospital - Morden) and the 465 (Dorking - Fulwell, Stanley Road) were transferred to London & Country.


From 23rd September 2018 Surreybus would be renamed Horsham Buses and GB Coaches to Bus2

Creating the London & Country Group with all 3 founded members - London&Country, Guildford&West Surrey and Horsham Buses.

Please REMEMBER, we are a fictional bus & coach company in scale 1:76 model form.

We are NOT a real company

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