january 2021

company&service updates

Happy New Year to you all!! Lets hope 2021 is a better year.

company changes

  • leisurelink – 4 New seasonal heritage bus services will commence operating services on Sundays/Bank Holidays between March & September around Surrey Hills. Along with a new Polesden Lacey shuttle service to/from Leatherhead Station/Leatherhead Town Centre. Providing the restrictions are eased. More information is now available: www.londoncountry.info/leisurelink.


  • Both our storage/paint shop yard in Dorking & Crawley bus garage will merge into one main garage which is going to be relocated back in Merstham. This garage will be the new home for most of the fleet maintenance/paint shop and bus storage. Work is going to commence from February 2021.


  • Upgrade improvements at our coach division garage in Epsom started in November 2020. These upgrades include resurfacing, pavements, and the booking office. This should be completed by the end of January.


  • Once EP is completed, work will commence improving more detailing on LH layout.




service changes


TfL services :

                166         New TfL contract starting from 1st March 2021. Timetable is going to be available soon.

                406         Changes to the timings now makes 406 & 418 inter-work with each other.

                408         Some additional services from Ewell East Station to Leatherhead in the mornings and extra services in the evening.

                411         Transferred over to Shawline back in November.

                418         Changes to the timings now makes 406 & 418 inter-work with each other.


country services :

                400         Will now be terminating at Caterham Station instead of Westway Common. Changes to mornings and evening timings.

                460         Changes to morning and afternoon timings.

                464         This service has now been diverted back to terminating at Bookham Station. 464 will now provide a new direct link between

                                Effingham and Dorking with an extension to Crawley from Redhill.

                478         This service will now operate Mondays to Saturdays. Changes to early morning and afternoon timings.

                513         Transferred over to Horsham Buses.

                514         Transferred over to Guildford&West Surrey.

                515         Transferred over to Guildford&West Surrey.

                516         Changes to the timings plus additional services.

                554         Changes to the timings.

                950         New SCC contract starting from 27th March 2021.

                C1/2/3   All C-line services are now withdrawn.

                E1           Service now withdrawn as 493 already covers the area.


leisurelink services: 28th March 2021 till 31st October 2021

                433         New leisurelink service.

                439         New leisurelink service.

                448         New leisurelink service.

                70D        New leisurelink service

                NT1        New shuttle service for Poleden Lacey


coach services :

                624/5     Temporary suspension from 10th January 2021.

                787         Temporary suspension from 10th January 2021. This service is going to be transferred over to Greenlink from countrywide from next


Please REMEMBER, we are a fictional bus & coach company in scale 1:76 model form.

We are NOT a real company