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London Country Bus Services Ltd was a bus company that operated in South East England from 1969

until 1986 when it was sold under Margaret Thatcher's government's bus deregulation scheme.

Preparation for privatisation in 1986 saw London Country Bus Services split into four smaller companies,

named as London Country North East, London Country North West, London Country South East and

London Country South West divisions.

South West was sold in February 1988 to the Drawlane Group. The London Country South West name

and livery were replaced by the London & Country name and adopted a modern two-tone green and red livery.

Depots at the time were Cranleigh, Crawley, Croydon, Dunton Green, Guildford, Hounslow, Leatherhead, Merstham, Slyford, Walworth, Warnham and Woking.

In June 1996 British Bus was sold to the Cowie Group, which rebranded itself to Arriva in November 1997.

Leatherhead was one of the five garages opened under the collaborative agreement between East Surrey and the LGOC. It was opened on 1st June 1925, and was closed on 30th April 1999 by the Arriva Crawley & East Sussex company. The garage was demolished with extreme haste only days later. Photos of Leatherhead just weeks if not days before it was demolished can be seen below.

After closure, the few remaining duties were dispersed among Croydon, Guildford, Merstham and Fulwell garages, or to other operators.

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