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february 2023

company&service updates


Following a company review, there is going to be several company and service changes.


Firstly, we will not be continuing with the planned Merstham Garage and its operations. All three routes which operated at MM are going to be taken over by Shawline from next month. Instead, we’re building a brand-new state of the art bus depot in Epsom to replace our existing small depot in Epsom. The planned depot would accommodate approximately 30 to 40 vehicles. This is expected to be ready for summer 2024.




From 4th March 2023, there will be several service changes. These are summarised as follows:


                93         To be withdrawn, replaced by the extension of 465 to Horsham.


                166       This will remain an hourly service. First journey from West Croydon is withdrawn (the first departure from West Croydon is 0550).

                              The last service from Epsom General Hospital at 2323 is also withdrawn. Other timings remain unchanged. This service will now be              .                       operated commercially.


                357       Withdrawn, with service being provided by Shawline.


                400       Withdrawn, with service being provided by Shawline.


                408       This service will be extended back to Guildford from Leatherhead via Great Bookham, Effingham, East Horsley, East Clandon and

                              Merrow. New joint operation with Guildford&West Surrey. This service will now be operated on behalf of SCC.


                410       Withdrawn, with service now provided by Shawline.


                422       This joint service with Londonlinks (Shawline) will no longer operate to St. Heliers (Rosehill).

                              Will now terminate at Sutton (Marshall Road).


                465       This service will be extended back to Horsham from Dorking via Holmwood and Capel. Operated on behalf of SCC.


                467       This service will now be operated on behalf of SCC.


                478       To be withdrawn, being partly replaced by revised 408 & 479.


                479       This service will be serving parts of withdrawn 478. From Effingham Junction Station to Guildford via Horsley Station, West Horsley and

                              West Clandon. Now only operated by London&Country.


                H2         After the success of our NHS staff service H1, we are very pleased to announce a new connecting NHS staff service.

                              H2, Kingston Hospital to St Heliers Hospital via St George’s Hospital.


                X15       New greenlink service between Guildford and London Victoria. Operating every hour, Monday to Sunday.

                              This service will operate alongside Guildford&West Surrey service 415 between Guildford and Kingston making this part

                              every 20 minutes.

Most of the revised timetables are now available to download here.


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Please REMEMBER, we are a fictional bus & coach company in scale 1:76 model form.

We are NOT a real company

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